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'Hathi' mattress

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Hathi mattress is ideal for newborns and it 's made of 100% natural materials: coconut coir, wool, cotton and natural rubber, providing perfect support for your baby's rest.

Its double side evolves with your baby. The rubberized coconut coir side is recommended for proper support the newborn delicate backs, while the more elastic natural rubber side gently adapts to the toddlers’ body.

Hathi mattress includes a 100% cotton removable cover available in two beautiful handmade prints.It's zipper makes it easy to remove it for washing when necessary.

Mattress Hathi is 10 cms thick and is available in 120 x 60 cms size.

We recommend to use protective cover Nariyal on the mattress. Made of waterproof breathable organic cotton fabric, it offers a soft feeling and helps Hathi's mattress natural components "breathe" for a longer durability.

Description: All natural mattress for crib.Hand block printed cover is included

Materials: Coconut coir, natural rubber, wool and cotton

Size: 60 X 120 X 10 cms

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