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25 September 2019

Basics Recommendations for Your Baby's Rest

Children must sleep properly to fulfill its very important regulatory and restorative function, for example it is essential to recover energy, stabilize body temperature and body processes. Therefore, we take the work we do very seriously so that the products we make are the best for your baby.

Next, we will briefly explain certain essential aspects so that your baby has a good pleasant rest.

The bed in which the newborn sleeps must have a flat, firm and breathable mattress, so that it does not take a bad posture that can be harmful. Thus, natural rubber is a good option as a material for the mattress, together with coconut fiber, since both materials favor the correct bone development of your baby, in addition this double-sided design allows a longer use in time as the baby grows.

It is also essential that the room is quiet, dark and a pleasant temperature, between 17ºC and 20ºC. So you should choose natural materials such as wool and cotton, as they provide resistance to dust mites, are breathable and are soft and comfortable for your baby's skin.

Finally, you have to create a routine to sleep the baby, trying to keep a fixed schedule every day; In this way your baby´s body easily becomes accustomed to sleep cycles. Another related issue is to avoid being aroused before bedtime, for example games should be limited, to ensure that the baby is calm and relaxed. Finally, specialists recommend laying the baby on his back to avoid breathing problems.

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