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30 October 2019

How to Wash Clothes Ecologically

It is very important that in our day to day and in our daily activities, we are aware of the environmental impact we produce, such as when washing clothes; something so basic to have a correct hygiene, also has its consequences. Therefore, we want to show you some of the recommendations on washing that we liked the most:

Wash at low temperatures

It is recommended to wash at low temperatures (less than 30ºC) to save energy and maximize clothing care.

Use natural and ecological detergents

They are similar to conventional ones but in their composition they have more environmentally friendly components. They have biodegradable substances based on vegetable and mineral ingredients with a less negative impact.

Do not iron if it is not necessary

On many occasions selecting the steam program of the washing machine will be more than enough.

Avoid the dryer

Many sensitive materials, such as sportswear and others with waterproof materials, will last much longer if they are air dried.

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