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28 February 2018


1. Bulk purchase
As many of you know, the plastic waste that we generate each year is alarming. In recent years it has multiplied by 20, representing more than 12% of the total urban solid waste.

A good way to help our planet is buying in bulk. Find your nearest shop to buy quality products in this way and avoid unnecessary waste.

2. Local and ecological purchase

Buy and support the local marjet. Shop in local brands, entrepreneurs and neighborhood stores. You would help to create a better world through responsible consumption.

3. Lead a slower life

Your day-to-day should be based on activities that leave no trace on the environment: running, reading a book, riding a bicycle, swimming, etc.

4. Do not leave your mobile devices charging without need

It is an unnecessary waste. Usa the charger only when you have low battery and dont leaving the TV with the red pilot on.

5. Uses LED bulbs

We have an average of 23 light bulbs in each house. If we bet to use LED bulbs, it saves up to 85% compared to incandescents bulbs and will last much more

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