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28 September 2017


Being sustainable not only involves reducing water consumption or using alternative energy. Being sustainable is an attitude, is linked to the challenge of a physically and mentally healthier life. It is a way of life that allows us to reach our planet and protect it.


We lend you 5 steps you can follow from today and will help you to be more sustainable:


  1. Consume less and better from childhood

An increasing consumption and a powerful marketing aimed for child, make more difficult to get out from this “quick and destructive” culture. Try to incorporate healthy living habits for the little ones, motivate them and lead them to a sustainable lifestyle. If we don’t do it soon, it may be too late.


  1. Walk for the planet, walk for you

Walking is the most economical and effective method. Burns calories, prevents high blood pressure, cholesterol, insomnia, depression… And it helps the planet reducing the pollution.


  1. Reduce waste, remove plastic

A way to contribute is “dematerialise”. It consists on generate less waste, supposing a fewer load for the planet. A practical example, at the time of buying gifts, choose services and products which are responsible and don’t generate waste.


  1. Give yourself time in the Nature

According to Richard Louv, the experiences in a natural environment improve some abilities such as creativity, conflict resolution, critical thinking and decision making.


  1. Consume intelligently

Don’t let yourself be carried along by consumer impulses, choose more responsibly options, such as: buying food in bulk, supporting in that way local businesses and reducing pollutant waste.

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