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26 October 2017


The first thing is to know how the dream works. We have two phases that are repeated during the sleep cycle, the non-REM phase, predominant, and the REM phase. It is known by this name because it is characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes, (Rapid Eye Movement), it is the phase where the dreams happen.
In infants is the opposite, the REM phase is predominant, because this phase requires less cerebral maturity.
The dream of the baby is fundamental because during the sleep we secrete more growth hormone, necessary for a normal growth.
But how much time is optimal for your complete rest?
During the first three months of life, it is necessary from 16 to 18 hours a day of sleep, waking up exclusively by vital needs or external stimulus such as noise.
If you are also concerned about the rest of your baby, from Dee Dee we help you in his growth, offering you mattresses made with coconut and lots of love, optimal for those ages.

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