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27 February 2019

How to Improve the Baby’s Rest

The first days of a baby's life are uneasy so it is normal that they constantly claim our attention. However, after a while it is impossible to spend sleepless nights, in this way there are some tips that can be followed to get the baby used to sleep during nighttime rest hours.

1. Accustom the baby to follow a daily routine that predisposes him/her for rest. Thus, the schedule must be respected because subjecting him/her to sudden changes alters the rest rhythms.

2. Dinners should be light since heavy meals before going to sleep complicate the digestion and cause sleep disturbances.

3. We should avoid cradling or strolling the baby to put him/her to sleep so does not associate this movement with bedtime because then it will be difficult for him/her to sleep without this type of help.

4. The place of rest should be pleasant with a temperature around 20 °C, the lights off, silence and a resting surface neither too hard nor too soft, so that it favors the good development of the baby's body.

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