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28 March 2018


This movement awares of the environment protection, which seems to be an alternative to industrialized fashion, known as "Fast Fashion".

 This term was coined by Kate Fletcher, professor of Sustainability, Design and Fashion at the "Center for Sustainable Fashion" in London.

 It gained notoriety as a result of the tragedy in Bangladesh, where 1,100 people died when a building collapsed, when they were producing industrial garments without complying with the basic security measures and albor conditions.

SLOW FASHION is more than a philosophy of purchase and responsible consumption, its about educating and mentalizing citizens about the impact of clothing industrialization.

This movement rejects everything produced in an industrialized chain and promotes quality, sustentablility and perishable products.

The concern in clothing origin is growing and people have to be informed of the entire process from when the garment is designed until you buy it the store. 

In Dee Dee we take care of all the processes that our products go through, reducing the impact as much as posible and protecting our enviroment.

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