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30 January 2019

5 Reasons to Choose Handmade Products

As consumers we have the option to choose between products that are mass produced by the big international chains, or we can opt for those garments made by hand in small and local businesses. From Dee Dee we encourage you to join the revolution of conscious and responsible consumption. 

Reason 1: help the local economy

Betting on artisan products generates new jobs, so the communities have better economic support and stability, which translates into better-supplied families that can cover the vital needs of all its members, avoiding the scourge of labour exploitation and child labour.

Reason 2: they are more fair

The salary received by a craftsman, who has produced the garment and has been pending of it throughout the manufacturing process, is more fair because it covers the basic needs of the worker. Something that differs from those employees that are part of an assembly line, which only perceive a small fraction of the manufactured product.

Reason 3: respect the environment

Artisan work implies a lower usage of energy and natural resources consumption, so that it is more ecological and responsible with the environment. In addition, this type of production is based on the use of natural and organic materials.

Reason 4: have a higher quality

The artisan products and garments receive greater attention to detail and greater precision in their manufacture; In the same way, the materials that are used have a higher quality to those produced in mass. So, although sometimes the handcrafted product has a superior price, also its quality and durability is much higher.

Reason 5: they are unique products

An artisan creates products with his own hands from zero, investing in quality materials and investing his/her time and dedication, to produce an unique and exclusive piece of traditional design.

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