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28 August 2019

Experts Give Us Their Advice to Take Care of the Environment

The environmental crissis needs us to get down to work and take a firm step to change our bad habits.

 A series of experts in the field, from professors in ecology to doctors and researchers, recommend this actions to take into account in our day to day life.

1. Reduce the use of fossil fuels

Opting for transportion with  lower impact on the environment is essential, so we can replace old cars with new hybrids, get on public transport or better still use the bicycle or directly walk.

 We must also minimize the use of the plane, the transport that pollutes the most per kilometer and passenger, for others that are more respectful such as the train, even if it means spending more time to reach the destination.

2. Regulate the air conditioning

Heating is around the 46% of energy consumption in our homes, so minimizing its use makes a difference in both: the bill and the environment. In this way, setting the air conditioner at 21ºC is sufficient to maintain a pleasant temperature.

 In addition, we have to recover tricks that have always been carried out, such as closing windows and shutters to lime and song during the summer days and only open them at night, when the outside temperature has dropped.

3. Implement the circular economy

Another recommendation proposed by experts is to use an economic model in which a second life is given to all products to make the most of natural resources and avoid generating too much garbage and waste.

For this, it is interesting to use applications for the exchange of products between users in even among family, friends and neighbors, because it benefits us in three ways: the econd-hand products are cheaper, it avoids producing the same unnecessary consumption goods and reinforces the feeling of community and union.

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