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28 August 2017


We must be aware of the serious problems that our planet is experiencing, and hat our day-to-day actions can improve the situation.

It is known that the best windows are those made of two glasses with a space between them. Another good option would be to use weather-strips.

Furthermore, it is recommended to buy “A” energy-efficient household appliances o better ones. However, in case economically is not posible, we recomend to get a good fridge. On the lighting front, we advise you to buy energy saving bulbs.

Remember that the most healthfull ways to move around are walking or cycling. The public means of transport are a second choice in ecological terms.

Nowadays, it has become harder for us to take care of the environment in the daily life. Nevertheless, there many easy ways to do it. You should avoid using plastic wáter bottles. Water bottles made of glass or reusable metal are more respectful with our planet.

If you have lunch at work, you would better use silver clutery. Use paper moderately.

Having these advides in mind, our planet will thank it.

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