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31 October 2018

We Are What We Wear

There is more consciousness about the need for fair treatment and respect for the environment and among the members of the global society, because that implies the future of the next generations. 

Therefore, Dee Dee invites you to practice a sustainable way of life and for this reason we want to explain you how to do it.

First of all, we must keep in mind that a sustainable lifestyle is based on three aspects: economic, ecological and social. In other words, we have to ensure the maintenance of raw materials, the viability of the ecosystems and the social justice.

As a customer, it is in our hands:

1. Investigate which brands meet the requirements of sustainability and ethics to opt for them.
2. Be responsible with our consumption to keep it within appropriate limits, that is, know what we need and what we do not need.
3. Look for garments made from natural materials such as cotton and wool, much healthier tan the artificial ones.
4. Prime brands that respect the rights of workers, which helps to distribute the wealth fairly.
5. Acquire handcrafted products that are made to last.

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